October 21, 2015
 “Chemical Week” - VEC Join Event Held in The University of Tokyo

  In October 2013, four organizations of industry and academia (Japan Chemical Industry Association, Chemical Society of Japan, Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, and Japan Association for Chemical Innovation) designated October 23 as “Chemical Day” and one week including the date as “Chemical Week.” Thanks to this designation, many events that you can feel familiar with chemistry were to be planned and held everywhere every year.

  This year, VEC participated in “Your Future and the Future of Chemistry - Weekend of Chemical in the University of Tokyo,” which was held as an event for “Chemical Week” on October 18, 2015. We introduced “the world of plastics” with the demonstration of a method for identifying general-purpose plastic in a lecture meeting for junior and senior high school students at Koshiba Hall of the University of Tokyo.

  NHK NEWS web (Japanese only) showed us what it was like, in the corner of an “event for finding the fun of chemistry.”

      Flyer of
“Chemical Week”

Demonstration Experiment by VEC