October 21, 2015
 Report of PVC Construction Materials Seminar in Tohoku,
   Ahead of Enforcement of Insulation Standards

  PVC construction materials seminar was held in two cities of Tohoku area. Ahead of enforcement of insulation standards in 2020, PVC sashes and PVC sidings were introduced in the PVC seminar on saving energy and sales promotion.
  About 50 people in Morioka (MALIOS Morioka regional exchange center) on 8th October, and about 40 people, mostly constructors, in Koriyama (Koriyama local vocational training center) on 9th October took part in the seminars. These seminars, including panel discussion, and question and answer session, finished a great success.

      Morioka Seminar
on Oct. 8

Koriyama seminar
on Oct. 9