February 17, 2016
 Completion of PVC Wallcoverings Small Recovery for Recycling Scheme

  “The development and pilot test of PVC wallcoverings small recovery for recycling scheme under the National Permit System (for promoting waste management)” successfully finished in December 2015. This development project by Japan Wallcoverings Association was co-sponsored by VEC over the last one year as one of PVC recycling support system.

  This was the first project intended not to develop technology but to establish the scheme from recovery to recycling of waste PVC wallcoveringsiscraps and discardsj. Due to the development of computerized system using mobile phones and QR code, it became possible to recover and recycle waste PVC wallcoverings at a lower treatment cost without placing some burden to workers in the building sites.

  After the approval of the National Permit System by Japan Wallcoverings Association, the participation of more new entrants and the expansion of PVC recycling are expected.