September 21, 2016
 PVC News No.98 Issued

  Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released quarterly magazine of
PVC News #98. Please access the JPEC's website, (Japanese only).

  This current issue features “sustainability” that is a main theme of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo and PVC materials that has a possibility to contribute significantly to the main theme. The organizing committee intends to use products recyclable or reusable as much as possible, and to procure things which have a proper treatment or disposal way. PVC pipes, floor coverings, partitions, and temporary enclosure (introduced in “PVC Front Line”) are believed to contribute significantly to this agenda, since the recycling technology for the products has been developed specifically. As for tents, Nihon Tent Sheet Koren (Japan Tent Sheet Cooperative Federation) positively suggests the use of tents because the tent sheets are reusable and now under development of new recycling technology.