October 18, 2016
 Release of New Booklet
         - “ ‘Sustainability’- PVC Contributing to Establishment of Sustainable Society”


  A booklet to introduce PVC for general consumers was prepared and released. It is the size of B5 sheet and is 19 pages long. The first half shows “PVC products that are around you indoors and outdoors” and mentions PVC's characteristics that you use the PVC items. The last half provides which characteristics of PVC contribute to an establishment of recycling-based society, with the information on the contribution to energy-saving, recyclability and global warming countermeasures.

  This booklet will be widely provided from the industry participants, as in the past, to the public including PVC user industry, government agencies, mass media and consumer organizations. This booklet will be used as one of tools for people to help recognize the exact information of PVC.