December 21, 2016
 Recipients of VEC's Recycling Support Subsidy Determined

  As a new project under our recycling support system, we adopted a material recycling of wall-coverings. A slip prevention curing sheet mixed with about 50% of used wall-covering. It is expected to be applied at construction sites, etc. This could draw attention as a material that develops some high value-added applications to composite materials that have been considered as difficult-to-be-recycled.

Applicant : Shouwa Jyushi Co., Ltd.
Item : “Development of material recycling technology of PVC wall-coverings by high-speed high-shearing mixer & melter”
  The establishment of conditions for mixing waste PVC wall-coverings with flexible PVC resins, and for effectively producing recycled PVC compounds for extrusion processing. This is expected to be used as curing sheets for walking at construction sites.