February 15, 2017
 PVC Design Award 2016: Exhibition in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka

  The Award Exhibition took place in Mercato Hall (Osaka) on January 24 and 25, in Nadya Park (Nagoya, Aichi) on 27 January, and in IMS Inter Media Station (Hakata, Fukuoka) on February 2, 2017, after holding in GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi (Tokyo). A total of 330 people including designers and the host organization-related people visited the three venues. This year also, the event finished a success.

  In Nagoya, we received an interview from Nagoya Broadcasting Network, and on that evening it was televised in an information program “UP!”. Under the theme of “PVC idea products (processed freely and transformed into various forms),” many works including the winning works were introduced in around two minutes.

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