February 15, 2017
 Efforts for PVC Design Award Win Chemical Communication Award 2016

  This Chemical Communication Award is conferred on individuals and organizations that contribute to deepening the understanding of society about chemical and chemical technologies through enlightenment and promotion activities on them.

  In PVC Design Award, PVC industry and designers cooperatively manufacture PVC products utilizing the material's features. Through this process, the scientific and technological information such as the characteristics and functions of the chemical material PVC and the molding process method is released to the public. It was appreciated that this contributed to the enlightenment and promotion.
  This time, VEC will accept the award on behalf of the hosting and cooperative organization of the PVC Design Award; hosted by Japan Federation of Plastic Manufacturers Association, Japan Vinyl Trade Association, Japan Vinyl Goods Manufacturers Association and VEC, and cooperated by Kyushu Vinyl Products Industrial Association. The award ceremony will be held at the Chemical Hall in Tokyo on March 10, 2017.