March 15, 2017
 The 100th Anniversary Issue of PVC News (JPEC)

  PVC News has published for 25 years since it was launched in June 1992, and has reached No.100.
  As a commemorative issue, Mr. Mamoru Kadokura, Chairman of Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC), offers words of appreciation to the readers and everyone who cooperated with coverage in the beginning of this issue. It is also a special issue featuring the recycling, back to the basic principle of PVC News.
  Prof. Masaru Kitano of Shukutoku University and other four people provide various suggestions on PVC recycling and the direction that it should move forward. This issue focuses on the movement of PVC recycling introducing three companies that have recycled PVC for around 50 years.

  In order to build a sustainable society, JPEC continuously make efforts to play a part in the circular economy and introduce its activities through PVC News.

  Please access the JPEC's website, (Japanese only).