March 15, 2017
 PVC Windows Introduced at Saving Energy Housing Seminar in Hiroshima

  Vinyl Environmental Council (VEC) will hold a seminar on “Saving Energy Regulation and the Way for Home Builders” (hosted by Nihon Jutaku Shimbun) at Hiroshima YMCA on March 23, 2017, in corporation with Plastic Windows Industries Association.
  Dr. Yuzo Sakamoto, President of Building Research Institute, and Associate Prof. Daisuke Sumiyoshi of Kyushu University will give a presentation on the accelerating energy-saving housing technology and energy conservation standards, which was then followed by a panel discussion participated by plastic sash manufacturers. The theme is what is expected for home builders from now on.

  The climate of Chugoku Region, where Hiroshima is located, is hot in summer on the sea side and severe cold in winter on the mountain side. It is expected to be a good opportunity to raise an interest in plastic sash in Hiroshima with the high number of housing starts.

    Seminar in Hiroshima
Date & Time March 23, 2017@15:30 - 19:00
Venue Hiroshima YMCA@Main Building 401