June 21, 2017
 Newly published booklet “Welcome to PVC Town!”

  Following the last issue “Sustainability - PVC will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society,” VEC created and issued a new booklet on the PVC introduction for consumers.


  It is a square vertical booklet consisting of 23 pages in all. Through daily conversations at stores, in automobiles, in hospitals, in farm work, and in the house, the booklet easily explains where and why PVC products are used and how they can contribute to the recycling society. As the booklet is created with a picture-book style, children also will be expected to easily understand the contents.
  This booklet is provided, to rather than industry sectors as before, widely to general consumers and children as well as mass media and consumersf organizations, and used as a means to tell them PVC information accurately.

  Further information (in Japanese)