June 21, 2017
 Report of “Eco-chil Festival 2017” in Sapporo

Organizer: Eco-chil Festival Executive Committee (Advcom and ... Inc.)
Supporters: Hokkaido Gov., City of Sapporo, Hokkaido Shimbun Press, TV broadcasters in Hokkaido
Dates: June 10 (Sat) & 11 (Sun), 2017

  This event is a program that children together with their parents experience and learn about the environment and food while enjoying, with a main concept of “the circle of environmental activities starting from children.” This is the largest environment event in the Hokkaido region.

VEC booth
  VEC participated in this event for the first time this year. Children could enjoy making animals of the savanna such as hippopotamuses and giraffes with rigid PVC craft. Also, we exhibited some panels to show outstanding environmental performance of PVC, and familiar PVC products and recycled products being used indoors and outdoors.
  The event had around 8,000 visitors at the venue for the two days. Over 1,500 people visited the VEC booth and could feel familiarity with PVC products.

  Further information (in Japanese)