July 19, 2017
 PVC News No.101 Issued

  Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released PVC News #101 (Japanese only).
From this issue, the cover of the information magazine was redesigned.

  This issue is featured under the theme of “design and environment.” The cover story is an interview of Dr. Noriko Hashida, Prof. of Shibaura Institute of Technology, who is creating sophisticated products with different plastic materials. She speaks about the possibility of plastic in the future manufacturing and the environmentally-friendly product design. The three special reports are the efforts of Toli Corporation on the design increasing values to their products and their recycling activities, the special article “beautiful and sustainable PVC products” in the 2012 London Olympics by European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVMj, and “UPDATE - soft PVC raincoats from Ueda College of Fashion Collection 2017.”

  In addition, the following three companies are introduced in each topic -- Nakadai Co., Ltd. conducting actively up-cycle business in Recycling, Nakagawa Chemical Inc. producing a variety of decorative sheets in PVC Front Line, and Kamijo Co., Ltd. which is a pioneer in producing metal molds for soft vinyl toy figures in Monozukuri (manufacturing).