September 20, 2017
 Japan Wallcoverings Association Obtains Certificate of
    Cross-Jurisdictional Waste Treatment

  The Japan Wallcoverings Association was certified as a cross-jurisdictional waste treatment business operator by the Environment Minister on August 29, 2017. The certification is required to build a small recovery system for recycling of PVC wallcoverings under the certification system of cross-jurisdictional waste treatment.

  This system aims at an effective recovery of PVC wallcovering waste generated during construction (chips and wastes) and an increase of recycling volume of wallcovering wastes. The computer system using mobile devices and QR code has already developed and successfully confirmed under the pilot test, which had been conducted as one of recycling support system under VEC, the possibility of recovery and recycling of PVC wallcovering waste without burdening the workers on the spot and at the processing cost equal to or less than earlier (adopted in 2014 and completed in 2015).

  From now on, it is expected that more related businesses will participate in this system operated by the Japan Wallcoverings Association and that it will lead to the promotion and enhancement of recycling of PVC wallcoverings.

  Contact : Japan Wallcoverings Association (Japanese only)