October 18, 2017
 Thermal Environmental Measurement by Types of Window in Non-wooden Buildings

  “Study Group on Realization of ZEB/ZEH (Chairperson: Prof. Akimoto of Shibaura Institute of Technology)” measured the thermal environment at a resort hotel in Hakone (Kanagawa prefecture) and a rehabilitation facility for the elderly in Chichibu (Saitama prefecture) in August in order to demonstrate the energy-saving performance by window type in summertime.
  The Committee was established by VEC appealing to related ministries, universities, local governments, and manufacturers. It aims to support ZEB/ZEH, which is a national policy, by windows as much as possible, and to promote the use of PVC windows in non-wooden buildings, which has not so popularized compared in wooden houses.

  The result of the measurement showed that the temperature near the PVC windows is lower by 1.5°C than that near the aluminum windows on a day when the outside air temperature at the hotel is 34°C or higher, and that the PMV index showing a range of comfortable temperature is kept in the comfortable range in the PVC window (but there is some time of day not in comfortable range in aluminum windows). Also, it showed that the temperature of the room with PVC windows makes uniform the temperature of various places in a room. The relationship between these results and the energy consumption will also be studied.
  Meanwhile, the results in the rehabilitation facility for the elderly are still under careful analysis because the influence elements such as room temperature setting or curtain opening/closing are complex.
  In the future, they are planning to measure the thermal environment in wintertime at the same hotel and facility in December and January, and to conduct a pilot project also in housing complexes.

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