November 16, 2017
 PVC News No.102 Issued

  Japan PVC Environmental Affairs Council (JPEC) released PVC News #102. (Japanese only).

  This issue is featured under the theme of “welfare and PVC products.” The cover story is an interview of Prof. Isamu Honda of Dept. of Human Sciences, Musashino University. Along with the spread of nursing-care program, the issues at nursing care site is changing. He talks about the future needs of PVC products. The following three special reports introduce some more information about welfare caretaking PVC products developed by Aron Kasei Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), Tajima Roofing Inc. (Tokyo), and Hivix Co., Ltd. (Gifu).

Other articles are:

‘Recycling Site’ -- a new effort of wallcovering recycling cooperated by Kajima Corporation (Tokyo) and Showa Jyushi Co., Ltd. (Saitama)

‘Information’ -- the recycled pipes that had been damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake (Japan PVC Pipe and Fittings Association) and a renewal of the PVC Design Award 2016 winning product by Ms. Yasuyo Hida.

‘PVC Forefront’ -- a new challenge for PVC sheets by Mataei Kako Co., Ltd. (Osaka)