February 21, 2007
PVC Inner windows to be added at the Ministry of the Environment

@At the topics column last year we introduced some news about the installment of PVC inner windows at the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). Although it is relatively warm this year, itfs still cold enough to experience the effect of these windows. Especially when they are not heating the room, they feel the difference due to the existence of these inner windows. Mr. Hideki Minamikawa, Director General of the Global Environment Bureau, MOE, who visited the ENEX 2007 Energy and Environment Exhibition held early this month, also made a compliment towards the comfort of the window refurbishment in the MOE.
@Since the effect of PVC sashes was acknowledged, the MOE decided to add some more inner windows and notified (on Feb 14th) a tender for additional installment. This time, they are planned to be installed mainly in private rooms, such as the Minister room.
@A lot of hope is put on PVC sashes in order to save energy and CO2 emissions. We believe that the demand for PVC sashes will grow further.

ENEX 2007 Energy and Environment Exhibition comes to an end- VECfs report (in Japanese)