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Safe life by utilizing antibacterial and antiviral PVC products!

December 16, 2020

  • In the COVID-19 crisis, many people are seeking antibacterial and antiviral products to prevent contact infections in healthcare and welfare facilities, commercial facilities, and non-residential facilities such as offices.
  • PVC materials are widely used in building materials such as flooring, wallpaper, decorative sheets, and partitions, as well as in everyday products such as stationery, bags, and sundries. In particular, for products that are easy to come into contact with, manufacturers are focusing on expanding PVC products that are endowed with antibacterial and antiviral functions.
  • Because flexible PVC film is made of a soft material and easily follows curved shapes, it is also used for door handles, handrails, and switch buttons.
  • It is expected that the use of antibacterial and antiviral products in various applications, such as medical and welfare facilities and commercial facilities, will eliminate the anxiety caused by infection.